"Where do babies come through?" - Bakgrounds 1

Most of the movie "Where do babies come through?" takes place in different rooms of the Maria Eduarda's house. Than all the following backgrounds have similarities in color palettes and design.

The living room and the nursery:
The first two scenes of the film take place in the living room and in the nursery. The transition from one scene to the other was used to show the change in the house upon the arrival of the new baby and the surprise of Maria Eduarda with the news.

Layout 01 - The living room

Background 01 - The living room (with position marks for the characters)

Layout 02 - The nursery

Background 02 - The nursery (with position marks for the characters)

The kitchen:
Layout 03 - The kitchen

Background 03 - The kitchen

Parent's bedroom:
In the final scene the camera moves away from the mother with the newborn baby, through the door, revealing Maria Eduarda observing the scene. For it was necessary to create the door wall on a different layer.

 Layout 04 - Parent's bedroom (by Fabiano Bomfim)

Background 04 - Parent's bedroom, internal view.

Background 04 - Parent's bedroom, external view.

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