Time for a new beggining

Hi Folks,
It's time for a goodbye and a fresh start.
This blog will no longer be update, but you can follow me in my brand new website and Tumblr.
I will make a great effort to be more active there than i was here. Check them out!



"Why do we snore?" - Backgrounds

Some background painting I did for the movie "Why do we snore?".

BG scene 02

BG scene 04

BG scene 05

BG scene 07


Onna-bugueishas were female warriors from the Bushi (samuray) class who were often in charge of the protection of their villages, houses, family and honour in times of war.

Photo reference:

"Where do babies come through?" - Animation

Coordinator: Débora d'Ávila
Directors: Marcela Werkema and Fabiano Bomfim
Script: Débora d'Ávila, Fabiano Bomfim and Marcela Werkema
Animators: Bruno Sommerfeld, Dazy Teodoro, Fabiano Bomfim, Leonardo Barros, Marcela Werkema and Rafael Coffe Parreiras
Voices: Julia Gomes (as Maria Eduarda) and Débora d'Ávila (narrator)
Music: "Línguas" - Fernanda Sander, CD: "Quando eu Crescer", Group: "Éramos Três"
Editor: Marcela Werkema
Production: Projeto Universidade das Crianças
Year: 2014

Screnplay based on the book "Que cegonha o quê!" (Publisher: "Editora do Professor")

"Where do babies come through?" - Illustrations of the births

These are some illustrations I created to represent water and squatting births.
They were created in a way that I could later add some subtle movements to the characters.

"Where do babies come through?"- Backgrounds 2

In this background  the use of cooler colors was chose to make the C-section less attractive because, although it is a very common practice in Brazil, experts say that this option should be taken only in cases where vaginal delivery is not possible.

Layout of the hospital  (by Fabiano Bomfim)

Background of the hospital - with position marks for the characters