"Equilibrium" - Animation

This movie was created for the EICV (a interactive space of the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden of UFMG) to a exhibition room about the nervous system.

Executive Production: Fabrício Fernandino
Production: Maurício Gino
Consultant in Biological Sciences: Audrey Salgado and Juliana Tavares
Direction: Arttur Espindula
Previsualization: Arttur Espindula, Fabiano Bomfim and Marcela Werkema
Concept Design, Layout and Background: Giovanna Guimarães
Animation and Clean up: Fabiano Bomfim and Marcela Werkema
Effects Animation: Arttur Espindula and Giovanna Guimarães
Colorizing, Editing and Compositing: Arttur Espindula and Marcela Werkema
Sound Design, Compositing and Sound Mixing: Jalver Bethônico
Year: 2013

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