"Where does our voice come from?" - Animation

Hi everyone,
As I said in the previous post, here is the movie "Where does our voice come from?". It was produced for the project Universidade das Crianças as a answer to Bianca's question .

During the production of this movie I work mostly as a animator but I also participated in the pre-production and color.

Coordinator: Débora d'Ávila
Adviser: Maurício Gino
Director and editor: Mateus Di Mambro
Animators: Fabiano Bomfim, Marcela Werkema and Mateus Di Mambro
Audio: Júpiter Camissara
Voices: Bianca (question) and Débora d'Ávila (narrator)
Text: Camila Rabelo
Year: 2009

Film Festivals e Awards:


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